Mohammad Etemad

Research Associate, University of Virginia, Department of Computer Science

I am a research associate at Department of Computer Science, University of Virginia, working with professor David Evans. I am working on Searchable Encryption, specially, on adding extra security properties and limiting the amount of information that leaks through the operations on the outsourced data. The two important properties are forward and backward privacy, i.e., how can we limit information that leaks about the new files through the previous searches and about the deleted files through the future searches.

I received my PhD in Computer Scince from Koç University in 2015, advised by Dr. Alptekin Küpçü. During my PhD, I worked on applications of hierarchical authenticated data structures for the cloud, including providing integrity and privacy of the outsourced data. I am interested in problems related to migration to the cloud. I have also done some works on mobile security.

Recent News

  • Our paper "Efficient Dynamic Searchable Encryption with Forward Privacy" is accepted at PETS 2018.
  • Our paper "Are You Really My Friend? Efficient and Secure Friend-Matching in Mobile Social Networks" is accepted at Workshop on Security for Embedded and Mobile Systems, EUROCRYPT 2017.


  • Etemad, M., Küpçü, A., Papamanthou, C., Evans, D., Efficient Dynamic Searchable Encryption with Forward Privacy, to appear in PETS 2018.
  • Etemad, M., Barto, F., Küpçü, A., Preneel, B., Efficient and Secure Friend-finding in Mobile Social Networks, SEMS 2017, France, 2017.
  • Etemad, M., Küpçü, A., Generic Efficient Dynamic Proofs of Retrievability, CCSW’16, Austria, 2016.
  • Etemad, M., Küpçü, A., Efficient Key Authentication Service for Secure End-to-end Communications, ProvSec 2015, Japan, 2015.
  • Etemad, M., Küpçü, A., Database Outsourcing with Hierarchical Authenticated Data Structures, ICISC 2013, South Korea, 2013.
  • Etemad, M., Küpçü, A., Transparent, Distributed, and Replicated Dynamic Provable Data Possession, ACNS 2013, Canada, 2013.
  • Etemad, M., Anvari, S., A Semi-Linear Relation between Inputs and Outputs of DES S-Boxes, International Journal of Computer Applications, vol. 56, issue 9, pp. 39-42, 2012.
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  • Etemad, M., A New and Efficient Authentication Protocol for GSM Networks, CSICC09, Tehran Iran, 2009 (In Farsi).
  • Under review

  • Etemad, M., Mahmoody, M., Evans, D., Optimizing Trees for Searchable Encryption, submitted to ACSAC 2017.
  • Etemad, M., Küpçü, A., A Generic Dynamic Provable Data Possession Model, submitted to IEEE ToCC.
  • Etemad, M., Küpçü, A., Verifiable Database Outsourcing Supporting Join, submitted to FGCS.
  • Etemad, M., Küpçü, A., Verifiable Dynamic Symmetric Searchable Encryption Supporting Boolean Search, submitted to Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences.